3Dison Pro
Multiple Perfection 3D Printer
The one and only multiple 3d printer, 3DISON PRO can realize whatever you imagine.

50 types of Diverse Printing Materials
50 types of various printing materials: Only with 3DISON PRO, it is possible to utilize Metal Paste and Chocolate, and other high-viscosity liquid materials to experience the new 3D printing. Additonally, with a diverse filament material such as PLA(12 color), ABS(10color), Nylon(3color), HIPS, Wood, PVA, Stone, heat-resisting PLA, Engineering Plastic etc, the choice of selection become wider. now with more than 50 colors and materials in the Edison Pro.

Expand your imagination with 3DISON PRO: Layer thickness 25 micron, Maximum Build Size 14.5l, Maximum Build Speed 1000mm/sec
More delicate with precision layers of 25micron
Experience the almost invisible with precision layers of 25micron in 3DISON PRO. Additionally, the solid steel frame and 12mm diameter shaft (Z-axis, Y axis) minimize the vibration that may occur during the printing process and leaves a very smooth surface with almost no layer. The 2GT type belt that 3DISON PRO has removed the error that may occur due to backlash.
Large Build Size of 14.5l
3DISON PRO has a large build space of 14.5l allowing you to produce a wider variety of ideas. (Maximum build volume: 290x205x245mm)
Faster and more accurate 1000mm/sec (with Acceleration Mode)
3DSION PRO offers fast production of models with a maximum printing speed of 1000mm/sec. The steel frame and aluminium case minimize the vibration and even with the high speed it produces stable models. However, Acceleration Mode must be on in order to print at highest speed and it is recommended to utilize the developed high speed mode parameter.
Enjoy simpler and easier 3D life
3DISON PRO has solved the time-consuming difficulties of horizontal adjustment by applying auto-levelling technology. Now, even if you do not fine-tune the printer, the printer automatically detects the level of the board making it easier to create delicate printouts. Easy-to-use 3DISON PRO provides basic printing options in order to print according to the situation. Software (fill, speed and temperature) adjustments are not necessary. Additionally, the auto cleaning function automatically cleans the nozzle as the printing begins. It reduces the inconvenience of maintenance of nozzle and produces stronger models.

Specialized Design

Simple Design
3DISON PRO has emphasized its simplicity with its intuitive design and neat anodized aluminium case.
Safety Design
3DSION PRO printer has installed a clear front door to prevent bums and spread of dust and an LED (lamp) has been installed to check the printing process of the printing board heat plate in order to enhanced safety. Additionally, the air filter in back side of the printer eliminates the odour.
Convenience Design
The roof case of 3DISON PRO has been designed so that it can minimize the twisting of the filament during the printing process. Additionally, the solid steel frame and aluminium case, and the front door minimize the noise and vibration that may occur during the printing process. Therefore, there is no worry to stress of noise.
Performance Design
Temperature is the most Influential factor of shrinkage of the models. The door installed in 3DISON PRO keeps the internal air at a constant temperature, making it possible to print a more stable model. The internal temperature can be managed by checking the thermometer installed in the printing board.

Dual Extruder System
With the Dual Extruder System in 3DIOSN PRO efficient 3D printing is possible. You can select the nozzle of your choice depending on the material and printing situation. By default, it is equipped with a 0.4mm (standard), and 0.6mm(High speed type) nozzle. A 0.2mm (precision type) nozzle is additionally provided for replacement. When printing filaments with materials such as stone or wood that contain grain, use the 0.6mm nozzle to prevent clogging and to obtain stable models.

Heated Bed system
3DISON PRO has applied a heating system on its printing board in order to prevent shrinkage of models and to obtain a more delicate outcome. It delivers even temperature to the printing board and reduces warm-up time with the heated bed, therefore, making it possible for a more stale 3D printing. In addition, the detachable printing board has become more convenient to replace and manage.
Laser Engraver
3DISON PRO is the first desktop 3D printer to apply Laser Engraver. You can cut, carve, mark painting or text the acrylics and wood into the shape that you want. You can cut complex shapes that are difficult to cut by hand using the Laser Engraver. It is a more convenient way to cleanly cut a variety of shapes.

WIFI Camera
3DISON PRO is equipeed with a camera in the interior of the printer. This allows you to check the status of the progress of the production through your mobile phone. Now, even in the distance you can easily check the progress of the models and rapidly deal with problems that may occur during the printing process.
Embedded Battery
Generally 3D printing technology takes much time in order to compete a model. If the process is interrupted, it could affect the result of the model. 3DISON PRO is equipped with an emergency battery so even if there is a power failure or electric power supply cut off, the process does not stop. Moving printer during production is also possible.

Product Specifications
Method of printing Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Maximum Build Size 14.5l (290mmx205mmx245mm)
Printing Speed 40mm/sec - 1000mm/sec
(with acceleration mode)
Hot-end(nozzle) size 0.4mm, 0.6mm
(0.2mm nozzle additionally provided)
Layer Resolution 25 - 600 micron (100-300micron recommended)
Positioning Precision X,Y: 11micron, Z:2.5micron
Printing Material (total 50items) PLA(12color), ABS(10color), Nylon(3color), Flexible (2color), HIPS, PVA, Wood Stone, PLA (6color), Engineering Plastic, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Steel, Chocolate

Input 100-220v, 50/60hz
Output 24v, 20.8A

Software Creator K
Operating System Windows, Mac OS X
Compatiable File Format STI, OBJ
Extruder Dual Extruder System
Shaft Thickness X:8mm, Y,Z:12mm
Belt/Pulley 2GT Belt/Pulley
Internal LED Lighting
LED Lighting
Heating System for Platform
Auto Leveling
Front Door
Exchanging Materials during operation
Inner Thermometer
Universal Extruder
Laser Engraver ✔ (For Premium)
WIFI Camera ✔ (For Premium)
Embedded Battery ✔ (For Premium)
Printer Dimensions 511mm x 402mm x 570mm
Printer Weight 27.5kg
Storage Temperature 10c - 40c
Extruder Temperature 200c - 350c